mardi 5 janvier 2010

Winter Blues

It's cold here. I think minus 4ºC, or 25ºF. At least it is sunny.
I think I've been doing pretty good, cutting back, restricting pretty well, small dinners with the boyfriend. The holiday dinners were easy as well, I can't remember how many times I said "No, thanks" to extras and large servings.

Now all I have to do is wait for my weigh-in, which would make anyone nervous, I suppose.
So far, all I've had today is water, and it's 12h30 in Paris. Maybe I'll have my coffee and an apple, then have some cereal as a late lunch. No, I better not. No cereal, since I don't know what my boyfriend is planning for dinner (I work somewhat late in the evening). Better safe than sorry.

I'll aim for 54kg for now, but if I can do really well, which I think I can, I think I can....

Then 52kg. That'd be great.
I don't really have any goal date here besides "soon", which I believe hurts me. I wish I could do ABC, but I could never get anyway with it with my boyfriend around. He's the kind of guy that will wake up on a Saturday morning and tell me to get dressed quickly so we can go to the corner to buy warm croissants then later cook me dinner. It's affection, though most of the time I end up convincing him to save his money and to let me eat my special K.

Well, I hope everyone is staying on track, getting back on track, or whatever.

Good luck girls.