jeudi 30 juillet 2009

An American in Paris.

I've been doing well, staying at about 500 calories or less everyday. I had some water and a little fresh pineapple to start my day, (had nightmares and a bad stomach ache all night into this morning). I'd love to have a coffee, but I'm going to put it off as long as I can, and drink water to take my mind off of it. If you're calorie savvy, then you'll realize black coffee has next to no calories. Unfortunately, the only coffee I want right now is with milk. And I hate milk, it's gross. Maybe I'll skip the coffee, actually. I don't even feel like I need it that bad anymore.

I haven't weighed myself since a few days, I don't have direct access to a scale, so I can only do it once or twice a week. Which I suppose is a good thing.

I'm listening to X. It's sunny and cold in Paris this morning. There is a nice cool breeze. It's refreshing. The street I live on seems especially quiet this morning.

I'm meeting my boyfriend for lunch at his work. I've been good this week, taking as little as I can, and not even finishing it. Today, a small salad and no dessert or cheese (it's french tradition to always have cheese or yogurt after a meal). Dinner will be fruit or a little carottes rapées (a very light french carrot salad).

I can't wait until September, when I'll start working. This means more freedom to not eat and get away with it. I love it.

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