lundi 14 décembre 2009

New Wave.

Errgh. When I was visiting in the US last month, I gained a few pounds and haven't lost them yet. Probably due to a few reasons like dried mango slices (Who knew that they're loaded with calories? Let alone being really, really expensive in France...) and gifts of chocolate I've been receiving for a while now.

So, I'm a bit sick of it. It's not like I especially enjoy the action of eating most of the time. I realize that often when I think I am hungry, it's like some sort of craving I can't justify, like it is more than eating, yet it manifests in unquenchable hunger. When I realize this, it's easier not to eat, or to eat only what I need.

So, back to the beginning, big square one. I'm not a big Christmas person, and I'm not a big canard/foie gras person at all, so luckily it could be easier this season and I might lose those few pounds if I put some effort in and stop making excuses for myself. I've done this over and over again, and this time I want to hit a new low. It'd be the best xmas gift to myself. Anyway, enough rambling.

I hope the rest of you have been doing alright and are keeping warm!! (it's freeeeezing in Paris today)

Gros bisous, comrades, et courage.

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