mercredi 23 décembre 2009


... is Christmas eve, and in France, you celebrate this day more than the day of Christmas.
You have the huge dinner and get together, open gifts, drink, eat and eat, get sick, then take it easy on the 25th. Like a real day off. I kinda like it better this way, it's more like New Year's.
I'm going to Amsterdam Christmas Day and for a little while following, and I don't want to look fat (at least to me) in the photos. That, and I fucking hate gaining weight around the holidays. Luckily I am good at taking off the weight I have gained, if I do gain. I've never liked eating outside of my comfort zone, it just doesn't feel good.
So, I'll just do my fruit & vegetable diet as long as I can without upsetting the boyfriend. Breakfast and lunch are all fruit, but a "regular" dinner isn't optional since he is home (he'll give me a hard time if he can tell I am restricting too hard, we live together).
Though I think he will be able to understand for the holidays, at least he should. He never lets me get away with skipping dinner, or having one piece of fruit or a vegetable for dinner like in the past.
So, lots of water, some coffee, tea, watered down juice (if I crave it that bad), and whole fruits and vegetables for my meals. I've always been able to drop weight doing this, it's just avoiding a gain that I am most afraid of.

I'm not really a seasons greetings kind of person, so I'll just wish everyone courage and strength.


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